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2021 Colours, trends & inspiration

Would you like your wedding to be mesmerising? Do you wonder which colours you should use to create a magical look? Some trends and colours tend to change every year, other stay the same with small variations. Taking under consideration the endless hours we all spent in our homes, we say to you just that… Go Bold! Think of vivid colours and inspire joy and excitement.

Hence, we let our imagination fly and here we present some combos you may find interesting and may apply to your perfect combination for your wedding!

The Blue palette

Any shade of cyan/blue is always a colour trend every year, especially for a summer wedding close to the endless beauty of the Big Blue of the Greek waters. Teal, dusty blue or turquoise, aquamarine or sky blue, whichever the choice the effect will be charming, romantic, full of light, soft and airy mood. Challenge your combination by choosing a shade, a hue or a tone of the red palette, like the imperial burgundy creating an enchanting colour blocking.

Dried flowers is THE trend during the last years, with white fluffy pampas grass holding the first place either in wedding bouquets or table centrepieces. This year this trend expands to more colourful, different shape and variations of dried flowers. Explore them in our photo shooting for 2021 trends. Combine them with Greek herbs like lavender or sage and the result will look fresh while its fragrance will be wild and rich.

As you may already know, boho is a major trend in many sectors of our lives, from fashion clothes to hotels’ decoration. And what is the best colour that suits boho best than rust which combines perfectly with either turquoise, teal or others from the cyan or even from the blue palette like the navy blue. Add the necessary touches of natural wood as well as gold to conclude your aspiration perfectly.

The Red palette


Let’s try another palette, shall we?! More powerful or even passionate but equally romantic and sometimes as dreamy as the previous one. There are so many shades of red that are included in the suggested colours of 2021. From the imperial burgundy and the antique rose to terracotta, mulberry, dusty rose and blush pink.

You can have them in your flowers or in elements that will conclude fashionably your decoration. You can start with your invitations/save the date then use these shades on your wedding table by choosing linens, plates/glassware, guests sitting cards/menus, even small vases, fabrics or ribbons painting a warm, modern and sophisticated canvas for your guests. You can conclude by choosing a wedding cake (or just sweets like macarons for your wishing table) in these shades. You have to be careful and don’t overdo it. Some shades of red are so rich that will lose their beauty if you exaggerate.



You can easily combine the red palette shades with the blue or the green palette shades producing completely different effects. By combing, for instance, the blush pink with the sky blue the outcome would be cozy and romantic, bringing memories of warm summertime evenings with ice-cream in one hand and your loved one in the other to walk along the beach. Choosing a vibrant fuchsia and combining it with blue the result is startling, full of energy and zest. While, combining the fuchsia with mint the result is perky and intriguing. Now, if you choose to combine a rose pink shade with emerald then the outcome will be strong and passionate, creating an elegant and earthy atmosphere, whilst combining sage and dusty rose the outcome will be natural, full of light, blissful and fresh like you’ve been sun-kissed!

The Green palette


Here we have another all-time classic, as the blue palette. Shades of green are used almost in all the bouquets, decoration etc. no matter the year. What more elegant and chic than a single garland of eucalyptus in the middle of a wedding table with the romantic light of candles to conclude the synthesis. Nevertheless, here we have some combinations that you may find interesting, using the shades of green this time.

Choose a green grey shade like sage and combine it with a shade from the purple palette like lavender and create a soft, idyllic and heavenly aesthesis like walking on clouds. Use a succulent plant, like echeveria for your bouquet and your table centrepieces and you will have a boho natural feeling. Add touches of gold to your sage-lavender combination and indulge in the effortless beauty of simplicity and finesse.


One of the big trends of 2021 is casual and relaxed and what better way to express it than sumptuous greenery like cascades of foliage that will give a modern and refined look to your decoration. Add touches of boho with Greek herbs, African protea, eryngium, thistle, amaranthus hanging red, craspedia, dahlias or any other flower or wildflower that you prefer. Party with your friends and family in the most comfortable and summery environment.

Talking about the environment, a trend that we should embrace and think of, not like something that will pass but something that we have the obligation to follow in all the sectors of our lives including the glorious day of a wedding, is how our choices will be eco-friendly, with great respect to our natural habitat and our future. Read more in our blog post Be Green & Fabulous and always take under consideration our footprint more than ever. After all, quality over quantity was and always will be an insurmountable trend!

The Purple palette

Going back to the colours for 2021 and picking up the thread from the green palette we suggest the pastel mint which brings freshness and a joyful mood when combined with shades of purple like lilac for a softer result or with purple heart colour for a more powerful one. Purple can easily combine with teal and navy blue producing a vivid and exuberant effect.

Choose the orchid bright rich shade of purple and combine it with shades of pink for a luxury, delicate and graceful outcome or try something more daring by choosing the violet and match it with lemon yellow for a bright, jovial effect that will add a breezy and bubbly feeling to your day.

As it happens with other palettes as well, you can choose different shades of purple and combine them in a harmonious way. From purple and lilac to lavender and amethyst, add final touches of blush pink and create a lyrical combination.

Earth tones, Pastels & Nostalgia

Boho may have been the main trend, as we mentioned above, but 2020 was a unique and different year in many aspects. It made us see what really matters, it made us re-evaluate our relations with our loved ones, our families, the people we missed and couldn’t be with. Celebrate life with touches of the luxurious gold, include vintage elements from your family’s history and set sail with the natural champagne colour to a new creative life full of laughter, hugs and happiness.

The earth tone palette, from sand, deep warm pink and mauve to copper, green and sky blue, is a very interesting, charming and delightful choice that will bring warmth to your heart. Creating a familiar effect that will make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed is one of the challenges that is completely overcome with combinations such as those.

Enter the kaleidoscope of pastel colours and bring a reassuring magical rainbow to your stupendous day of celebration signifying hope, serenity, unity and solidarity. Use smoother tones of the above mentioned colours (blue, green, red, purple) like salmon pink, pale orange, mint, chicory or periwinkle and find your treasure waiting for you at the end of this glorious rainbow.

The… edible palette



How about trying something completely different? Instead of choosing flowers for your table decoration, why not using fruits? Give a colourful, fresh and juicy twist to your decoration by using cherries, berries, grapes, apricots, plums, kiwis, avocados, mangos or other fruits and offer your guests a vibrant painting and feeling of abundance. Read more about it in our Tasty Centrepieces and challenge your decoration with centrepieces full of aromas, texture and colours.

My Way…

Who doesn’t know Paul Anka’s song which was sung outstandingly by the legendary Frank Sinatra? Who hasn’t sung it at some point in their life? This is the “trend” we strongly suggest…

Whatever the 2021 colours and trends are, you have to “do it your way”! And it will unquestionably be an exceptional, memorable event created just for you and your family and friends. Choose colours, decoration, activities that will make you feel comfortable, that will fill you with joy and excitement and give yourselves and your guests the experience of a lifetime. Dare to differ!

In conclusion, our advice for 2021 is Go Bold, Go Green and Go Your Way… after all, it is Your wedding!