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Be Green & Fabulous

In recent years the environmental awareness has been increased in almost all the sectors of our life. More and more countries follow directives of, for instance, no plastic bag use in super markets, no plastic cups or containers use in takeaway food and beverages, no plastic straws use, etc.

It all comes down to common sense, on how we can have, as little as possible a negative effect on nature. On how we can be a positive factor in delivering a healthy and safe environment to our children.

The day of your wedding is a special day and surely you have already imagined how you want it to be. It is completely understandable that the last thing you will think is the leftovers after the end of your big day. All these flowers, the decorative elements, the paper used for invitations, save the date, itineraries, menus etc, all the extra food, sweets and drinks will find their way, more or less, to the bins…

Our main goal is to offer you the most beautiful day, effortless and stress-free, to enjoy your wedding with your loved ones. We want you to have the wedding exactly as you wanted it and even more overwhelming and memorable and, with some small changes and smart ideas, to make it an eco-friendly, green and fabulous one!!

Technology and Recycled paper


Choose to create a website for your wedding where you will include all the information needed for your guests. Send group emails instead of invitations and save the date. Use tik tok, instagram or any other application or social media of your preference and create an imaginative, fun video to send it to your friends inviting them to your big day. Create your own unique QR code where your guests can find the menu of the reception dinner, the itinerary of the wedding celebrations, etc.

If you want to use paper and do things more traditionally, no problem, choose better a recycled one, there are so many different kinds, styles and colours of the recycled paper that you don’t have to limit your choices. If you even want to get more involved in the procedure and give a more personal touch you can create your own recycled paper.

Eco-friendly Materials over Plastic




Instead of offering plastic small water bottles to cool your guests on a warm summer day ask from your wedding planner to bring a glass juice/water container and offer refreshments in glasses. Use funky coloured paper or bamboo straws instead of plastic ones.

Local and Season Cuisine




By choosing local, fresh and seasonal products for your menu you can give a traditional touch to your wedding and at the same time you support the local community and economy, while reducing your ecological footprint since you get rid of the pollutants created from the transportation and the maintenance of the products.

Florals and Decoration


First of all choose flowers of the season you have chosen to get married. Even choose them by month. There are flowers that can be found throughout the year and others that are season or even month specific. By choosing your flowers correctly you will hold in your hands the perfect, fresh and in vivid colours bouquet of your dreams and at the same time you will have saved quite a lot of money. Instead of a floral garland for the centrepiece at the reception tables use either small bouquets or flower pots. These will be easier to offer them at the end of the night to your lady guests. Even if you want to have floral garlands, ask your wedding planner to offer them to your guests. Try to recycle your decorative flowers and any other object by giving them as a gift to the people who have attended your wedding, something to remember your special day by. If you have chosen to have a religious ceremony then, leave the decorated large candles to the church. They will appreciate your offer and reuse the candles by making smaller ones for the church needs.

Food leftovers

Ask from the reception venue owner (or from your wedding planner to take care of it) to gather and keep at the refrigerator the food and sweets that were not touched at your reception. You can ask them to offer them to people in need who will appreciate it properly. The rest of the food leftovers you ask to be offered to animal rescue homes.
Also, choose as little as possible fried food, it would be better for everyone’s health and for the environment, since the used oil goes back to the local aquifer.

Thank you gifts




Offer to your guests presents bought from small local companies or companies which offer their earnings for a good cause. Try to choose something usable and necessary. It will be much more appreciated than just a decorative element.

Vintage is always in fashion

The tradition says “something old” and not without a cause. Use vintage elements and with smart ideas incorporate them and add a unique and memorable touch to your wedding.

Rent don’t Buy

Choose to rent the equipment you are going to use at your wedding, don’t buy. You will save money and time.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Famous words and so true. Little by little, by changing our attitude we will be able to see positive results and proudly leave a sustainable environment to our children… to our future.