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Tasty centrepieces...


Over the last few years a new trend has given a very interesting, fresh and juicy twist to the decoration of a wedding. Fruits instead of flowers or combined with them for the table centrepiece for a colourful extraordinary reception. They add texture, light, colours and can pleasantly surprise your guests.

The most common fruit that has been used quite a lot of years as a decoration element of a wedding is lemon. Its yellow colour adds light and a fresh character to the decoration. It combines easily with greenery (ex. olive branches) and white flowers for a soft and classy result while it can combine with turquoise and yellow glass elements, purple and pink flowers for a more colourful and vibrant effect.

Another fruit that has already conquered its place in the wedding table decoration and offers a tropical atmosphere is pineapple. Combined with flowers like protea, iris, oriental lily, anthurium, sunflower and other in the same style, is the perfect summer, exotic and playful table centrepiece.


Now, other fruits, little by little, find their place as decoration wedding table elements. From cherries and berries (black, blue, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries), grapes, figs, pears, plums, apricots and pomegranate to kumquat, kiwi, papaya, passion fruit and other offer vivid colours, texture, fragrance, a sculptural effect and an abundance feeling.

Let your imagination free and choose, for instance, grapes with pomegranate (whole or in pieces) and berries in different colours or papaya (cut in two) with passion fruit, figs and peaches or any other combination with or without a couple of flowers (avoid the white ones) on a display vintage stand or strategically scattered on the table. The combinations are endless and the results extraordinary, distinctive and joyful.

Dare to be different and offer to your guests a tasty wedding table centrepiece full of fragrances and colours.