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Fine Arts and Nature in Dynamic & Ravishing Combinations

Since the day we start to discover and understand the world around us we have to answer to questions are asked in numerous occasions. What is our favourite colour, our favourite flower, animal or season etc. At first the answers come instinctively, as the time passes we start to understand and be able to elaborate on the reasons and offer more concrete answers.

One of the most important questions that is made later in life is, what does inspire us. How easy or difficult is for us to answer to this question?

For the most people the main source of inspiration is nature, either we realize it or not.

Art and artists is a perfect example of nature’s ability to inspire. From Vincent Van Gogh and his “Irises”, Paul Cezanne and his Aix en Provence landscapes, Claude Monet and his “Water lilies” to Frank Lloyd Wright and his “Falling Water” house, Santiago Calatrava and his sculptural forms of structures (bridges, railway stations, museums, etc) that resemble to nature’s living organisms and a whole lot of others, artists were always and still are getting inspired by and find meaning in nature.

We consider our wedding design projects as artistic ones and we aim to emphasize on their inward significance accentuating always the uniqueness of their appearance. We create events highlighting the importance of human emotions, stimulating at the same time the mind. A successful wedding design, styling and planning, according to our opinion, are based mostly on experience and talent but most importantly on intellectual empathy.

Our source of inspiration may be nature, the environment, which we respect in practice and art which is actually the air we breathe, but mainly the source is you, our couples. Your ideas, inspirations, needs and aesthetics are our guide.

We always visit beforehand the sites we have been asked to plan an event and we even explore new places that no wedding or any kinds of other celebration have taken place and we let nature to show us its beauty. We listen to its rhythm; we look at those amazing colours sometimes completely contradictory though in a magical unique way, very much complementary, we see its light and its reflections while listening to its music. Those elements are crucial when the inspirational flow of love flows mystically.

According to Collins Dictionary, inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something that gives you new and creative ideas. That feeling of enthusiasm is the emotion that overwhelms and dominates us every time that we talk with our couples and by getting inspired by them, by nature and art, explore ways to offer them a dreamy beginning celebration of their common journey in life.

In this page you will find photos of what inspire us and how we implement it in our projects.