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“Celia and Sonia helped us out to manage to have the perfect wedding. The reality exceeded the expectations (that were really high)! They are fantastic professionals and were always supportive in our planning. They were always oriented to make sure to satisfy every request we had. Although our expectations were already high, they really managed to exceed them. We are extremely grateful to them for organizing such a dreamy 2-day celebration and making such wonderful memories for us and our guests. Thank you so much for creating the perfect wedding.”

Iacopo & Federica, June 2023

A super romantic destination wedding in Folegandros in a boho and sunny scenery with amazing view. There, a beautiful and with an amazingly positive energy couple, Iacopo and Federica, experienced their dream as it became a reality

From the day one of our collaboration we could see through their teasing from one to the other, the boundless love and respect that had for each other. The strength and depth of their relationship was so obvious and our meetings were always a great fun. The vision was clear. A meaningful wedding day without exaggerations. Italians are well- known for their class and finesse so their choices couldn’t have been anything less than chic and beautiful always paying extra attention to every single detail.

“Red thread bound, in the spinning wheel round,
kick the wheel and let it spin, so the storytelling can begin.”

Our Fab Special Day

Their special day started in a playful mood. During their preparations they enjoyed Italian Prosecco and Greek white spirits – Raki & Ouzo,  fresh fruits, olives and a Polaroid photo shooting with their closest friends and family members.

The ceremony venue, a transformed site from an agricultural use one to an extraordinary venue specially discovered, designed and created for the couple was ready with a minimal and chic floral synthesis on the ground and bales of hay used as seating space for the guests. As the time was passing, everyone started arriving to the ceremony venue through a stone-sided aisle. The guests who arrived first with Iacopo were captured by the breathtaking view and the uniqueness of the beautiful decorated site.

The sound of the traditional violin and lute signaled the arrival of Federica. Everyone stood up looking at the couple who was looking forward to this moment filled with joy. Always in a playful mood and having an inflatable flamingo to participate they promised a life time together.

With the conclusion of the ceremony the guests follow the sequel of the celebration of that special day to the next stop. They arrived at one of the main squares of Folegandros and enjoyed welcome drinks and fruits waiting for the couple. When the bride, Federica, arrived she threw her bouquet and Iacopo threw the inflatable flamingo with great success! The sequel continued to their reception venue. At the exterior of a tavern at another square of the island the tables were ready, decorated with colored green glasses, ceramics, flowers, candles and fairy lights for a Greek style feast! At the end of the dinner and before moving to the last stop of their party venue, the guests motivated by the couple, danced Greek dances and smashed plates (as Greek people usually do during their celebrations).

At the party venue drinks were flowing. Time for cutting the wedding cake. Time for dancing. Time for singing Italian songs! Time for having the best time with the couple laughing and being happy with their dearest friends and family members by their side. Together as a team that hardly can be broken. Both the flip flops and the hangover kits that were offered by the couple as gifts to their guests were highly appreciated.

In the early hours of the next day the celebrations came to an end with the fulfillment of a dream and being extremely content with a special wedding day full of different experiences and short surprising adventures.

Mission accomplished! Our goal to offer to our dearest couple an extraordinary celebration of their wedding, on a remote Greek island, full of diversity and unique happenings was achieved.

Iacopo & Federica, we wish you always to be surrounded by such love for the rest of your lives!

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