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The moon has become a dancer at this festival of love.
This dance of light, This sacred blessing, This divine love, beckons us
to a world beyond only lovers can see with their eyes of fiery passion.
They are the chosen ones […]

Are you thinking about planning your wedding somewhere in Greece like this wonderful couple chose to? Then the right place for you is Folegandros. The natural, untamed beauty, the small, iconic villages, inspired our couple to get married in such a picturesque island. The bride, dressed in a chic and airy dress, and the groom emitting shine and happiness, enjoy their stay in Folegandros, looking forward to their big day full of flowers, a delicious traditional tastes and an amazing party about to happen. The ideal combination of white and blue was perfect for a wedding on a Greek island, matching the beauty of Folegandros with its white houses and the blue of the sea. Magic and fairytale are the appropriate words to describe the wonderful experience and the memories this couple created.

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