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Veggio co’ be’ vostr’occhi un dolce lume
Volo con le vostr’ale senza piume;
col vostro ingegno al ciel sempre son mosso;
Nel voler vostro è sol la voglia mia,
i miei pensier nel vostro cor si fanno,
nel vostro fiato son le mie parole.
Come luna da sé sol par ch’io sia,
ché gli occhi nostri in ciel veder non sanno
se non quel tanto che n’accende il sole

-Michelangelo Buonarroti – Rime

– Makeup, my hair, my nails and the dress
– Oh God I get married, I’m feeling so blessed
– Everything’s perfect, my bridesmaids will help
– I’m getting so anxious, my heart is going to melt
– I’m going to meet him, everyone will stare
– Thank God I have my boys, they will be there!
– The time has come, he’s right next to me
– She is so pretty, now I feel so free…
– I’m holding my flowers, their colors are so bright
– The place is wonderful, it all seems alright
– It’s like I imagined it, but it’s all so new
– The priest turns to me, I answer him “I do”
– Tables with glasses, all in white theme
– Plenty to eat, drink, it looks like a dream
– Photos together, memories for life
– I can’t believe that she’s now my wife
– Our guests are all happy, they seem to have fun
– And now, from this day, our great life begun
– I take his hand, I tell him “let’s go”
– He’s coming closer and replies “Σ’αγαπώ»

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