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“There was a very good communication and understanding of exactly what I had imagined for my wedding. The whole Storytelling Lab team helped me in making my ideas possible adding touches that took the decoration to another level both in the church and the reception area. The result was much better than what I had imagined. All the people with whom I worked were very polite and eager to make my dream a reality. Thank you once again for being there for us for everything we needed.”

George & Dimitra, July 2019

Veggio co’ be’ vostr’occhi un dolce lume
Volo con le vostr’ale senza piume;
col vostro ingegno al ciel sempre son mosso;
Nel voler vostro è sol la voglia mia,
i miei pensier nel vostro cor si fanno,
nel vostro fiato son le mie parole.
Come luna da sé sol par ch’io sia,
ché gli occhi nostri in ciel veder non sanno
se non quel tanto che n’accende il sole

-Michelangelo Buonarroti – Rime

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