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The best thing to hold onto in life is each other

-Audrey Hepburn

Once upon a time, somewhere in Athens, Greece, there was a tiny and beautiful church, decorated with flowers, ribbons, candles, lanterns, a white painted bike, decorated with small, white florals, blue ribbons and surrounded by nature. There were also a lot of white chairs, on which the guests were looking forward to sit, a table with the priest’s book and wine on it. Later that wonderful day, the bell rings for a man and a woman, a chic man with a small and discreet flower on his dark blue, perfect suit, and a wonderful woman with a bouquet in soft pink and white palette in her hands. The time has finally come. The friends and families are all standing up, applauding for the arrival of the couple. The little bridesmaids walk behind the bride, holding her dress’s tail, while the groom and she are passing through the hallway with their heads up and their spirits full of happiness. Now it’s the moment where the maid of honour takes care of their crowns, while the priest asks the couple the big question. As you can guess, our story has a great ending. It ends with applause, happy faces, a magical scenery and eventually two souls appreciating and loving each other.

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