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Do you have already a specific idea on how and where you want your wedding to take place or are you confused with all this information coming from the social media? Do you have already a favourite island that you want to visit with your family and friends and celebrate your special day or have you not decided yet which one would be the one for you to create all these memorable memories?

Each Greek island has its own beauty and offers different scenery for different kinds of wedding styles. Here follow 7 styles of wedding celebrations and which of the Greek destinations suits them better.

Elegant & Minimal



An elegant wedding focuses on luxurious elements combined with minimal aesthetics. A very good idea would be Hydra or Spetses. Both close to Athens with an aristocratic aura offer a stunning scenery suitable for an elegant style wedding. Sifnos Island is also a very interesting option for low profile travellers, offering a relaxed atmosphere full of hidden beauties.




Needless to say, the islands which offer this special vibe of vintage quality are Crete with its impressive Venetian port of Chania, its vineyards and its old byzantine churches and monasteries dating back to the 16th century, Corfu with its unique architecture of the old town full of Italian style cantons protected by UNESCO World Heritage Site and its traditional cuisine and the island of Knights, Rhodes with its incredible medieval town that offers an unparalleled atmosphere like nowhere else.

Romantic in Vineyard



Are you a wine lover, do you dream of having your wedding in a vineyard then doing it on an island is always an option. Besides Crete you can choose Santorini, an uncommonly beautiful island well known for its volcano and sunset as well as for its vineyards and traditional wineries scattered around. Also, Naxos, the largest island of Cyclades, is a low key island with uncrowded beaches, an exceptionally tasty cuisine, sights of archaeological interest and small vineyards and wineries.




A boho island chic wedding can be described as a romantic, earthy, free-spirited inspired by nature and countryside wedding. An island that combines all the elements needed and offers simplicity and a laid-back atmosphere, an exotic ambiance and crystal clean waters is Koufonissia. Patmos is a very good option with is spiritual character and its pristine beauty. Also, Symi is an exceptional alternative, one of the most romantic and picturesque islands with a fantastic, colourful and aristocratic Chora.

Glamorous and Luxurious




When we put together the words “glamorous” and “luxurious” then the island that comes to mind is Mykonos, of course. The well-known island with its cosmopolitan character and finesse is the best choice. If you are looking for an alternative then Paros with its vivid nightlife, its enchanting villages and sandy beaches is certainly an option.




Lovers of alternative, relaxed rhythm, picturesque small alleys and isolated beaches Folegandros is the perfect destination. With its untouched Cycladic beauty and an old world charm it is the island to host your unique wedding celebrations. Antiparos, a romantic, stunning paradise, peaceful with its genuine beauty is an excellent alternative as well as enchanted Amorgos with its unique vibe, its turquoise waters and secluded beaches, no wonder the movie Deep Blue was shot there. If you want to combine the alternative character with a more impressive nightlife then Ios is the island you are looking for.




If you are planning a symbolic or civil wedding and your dream is to exchange your vows on the beach then Milos with its stunning lunar landscapes, idyllic sunsets and crystal clear waters is the ultimate choice. Leaving the Aegean and moving to the Ionian Sea other islands that can host your beach wedding are Lefkada, Zante and Cephalonia. Ionian Islands combine the magical elements of sandy beached, endless blue waters, white rocks and rich green untouched nature and offer the ideal scenery for a romantic, charming wedding.




However, wherever you decide to have your wedding you will share an extraordinary, fabulous time with your family and friends creating unforgettable memories.